Mother Teresa’s Official Name


Mother Teresa has been dead for 13 years, now her official name:

The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Tres Mali

A Long Stem Red Rose With No Thorns: A Catholic Experience

00049581 At 11:01am on 8/22/2010 while walking to St. Jerome’s Church,  I saw a Red long stem Rose with “No Thorns”. When I was a child evil spirits to children that, “…even Roses have thorns…” I believe they were referring to the presence of St. Mary. She has a prayer that says, “The power of Heaven shall be known through the Roses.”

The problem is that, at the time I did not know about St. Mary or what they were talking about.



Tres Mali

Warfare & World History: Why Nuclear Materials Now?????


Picture 032 This article is endorsed by The Writings of African-Americans (TWOAA) by , M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD), Second Place Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist Award Winning Writer.

World history has always shown war and conflict. Armies equally equipped and strategy with skill, treaty and negotiations ended the wars and conflicts. Around 2000 to 1200 Before Christ (B.C.) the main stimuli for technological advances was warfare. Now the more technologically advanced had power not seen before. Negotiations, resources, & trade became more important to treaty and the end of wars or conflicts.

This is now the year 2010 A.D. (Ano Domini, Latin for “year of Our Lord”), the way of dating that is used in the United States of America. In China today it is the year 4708, of the Tiger. According to the Ethiopian Calendar it is the year 2002. Whatever year it is, today in the United States of America a world history observation shows that many small or rural countries are being forced to learn and use dangerous technology to survive.

Some countries have been reported by the media as using terrorist and para-terrorist activities that match the age in which , Before Christ (B.C.).  As an I have currently had many that indicate the use of excessive force by individuals who may not have the means to control the type of technology they are using.

Newsweek, , and the New York Times have all reported human rights violations that areCB066633 occurring all over the world. , , , & have . Who do we turn to, when the international watchdogs are no longer acting? Terrorism and have already effected the United States of America. The 9/11 bombing and terrorist have shot US soldiers at recruiting offices. This is no longer just a problem for other countries. It is also a problem in the United States of America.

Most large countries have spent billions of dollars to protect from long range weapons. Today many of these small countries have the resources and funding to purchase small bombs, short range weapons, and nuclear capability. It would be to allow someone of sit with Nuclear burns without treatment. From a religious point of view it might feel like a fake hell, continuous burning. The United States of America has taken the lead in most cases and once had to requested the United Nations have other countries involved in decision making that effects and affects .

In conclusion the international issues of terrorism and para-terrorism must be addressed by more than the United States of America. The United Nations must involve the entire world to solve these problems.

What Causes Rise in Cult Like Activity?: A Paranormal Psychology (PNP) View

From: TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division

Picture 554 This article is endorsed by The Research & Journal by , M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)

Cult like activity falls under Paranormal Psychology (PNP) because cult like activity for recruitment and maintenance programs and brainwashes to all needs: physical, psychological, social, emotional, & uses social pressure (youth-peer pressure).

There are many books and articles written about cult like behaviors. Most found that it is not limited to age. A question that is limited in answer is: What causes a rise in cult like activity?

History shows the disruption of established religious traditions caused by entering a civilization causes rise in cult like activity. The United States of America has immigration policies that allows constant entering of new people into a civilization.  As a result when immigration is usually high, more cult like behaviors occur.

Most of the world is still operating as religions of Before Christ (B.C.). In the history of early Christianity, Constantine the Great instituted religious freedom. One important reason was not to have to except individuals and groups into their communities.

Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, called by the Roman Catholic Church, Saint Paul, talks about the forming and welcoming of individuals and groups into Christian communities. One important factor of cult like behavior is the bond of what they think of as their community.

From a world or international socialization view, some United States of America professions, professional licenses, and specialty fields also may look cult like. This may be due to laws, ethics, and safety issues.

A modern day example is, White flight. During the United States of America’s suburbanization, the formation of communities that looked like cult like behaviors. White Americans moving to live in all-White neighborhoods in the suburbs surrounding the inner cities.

In conclusion, the rise in immigration, professions, fields, or vocations and laws can cause a rise in cult like behaviors.


Angels & Nuclear Fallout: Aberration/Apparition

00391132 At 8:51am on 8/22/2010 an Angel Being showed me some type of Nuclear Fallout. The problem is it is a different Angel Being. The other one, Redish, is in my Mass Prayers.

Tres Mali

A Rose In La Dera Heights,California USA: Aberration/Apparition

On 8/21/2010 while walking down the street in La Dera Heights, California USA, I found a Rose. 10216384

The Power of Heaven shall be known through the Roses.

St. Mary

And from St. Theresa:

…pick for me a Rose from the Heavenly Garden.

Tres Mali

“…Prophesy…” Jesus Christ: Aberration/Apparition


On 8/19/2010 during 8:00am Mass at St. Jerome’s Church in Westchester, California USA, I had a vision of Jesus Christ during scripture reading, …Prophesy O’Son of Man…”

Tres Mali

The Jails That House Youth & Our Lady of Fatima: Aberration/Apparition

6a00d83451586c69e200e54f6dd4118833-800wi At 3:37pm on 8/18/2010 I prayed opening prayer from the Vatican II Missal for the jails that house youth, I then had a vision of Our Lady of Fatima. The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California USA) had a article about the unhealthy conditions of the jails that house youth.

Tres Mali

Companies & Taxes In The USA: Aberration/Apparition


At 3:32pm & 3:33pm I had an experience of a man learning about companies and how to pay taxes in the United States of America.

Tres Mali

Our Lady of Fatima & The Jailed Youth: Aberration/Apparition

6a00d83451586c69e200e54f6dd4118833-800wi At 3:32pm & 3:33pm I had visions of Our Lady of Fatima after an experience of young men that stated they have to go to jail and they need, “…a clean up class…” There was an article in the Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California USA) about the unhealthy conditions in the jails that house youth.

Tres Mali