August Interview With Veteran LA Rapper Vintage Soul on “The Phoenix Project”: Angels Do Speak!®

Tres Mali from HDATS MAG! hair designs across the street magazine®'s  August Interview With Veteran LA Rapper Vintage Soul on "The Phoenix Project": Angels Do Speak!®

Tres Mali from HDATS MAG! ®

On August 15, 2013, I caught Veteran LA Rapper Vintage Soul coming out of a LaDera Heights, California liquor store. He agreed to a quick interview:

Tres Mali: What do you think about of the Phoenix Project?

Vintage Soul: Don’t Know anything about it. Can’t speak on it.

Tres Mali: You have a picture of Phoenix 13.

VintageSoul 2009 

Vintage Soul: That’s the Phoenix Suns.

Tres Mali: What about communism?

Vintage Soul: Don’t to much care for communism.

Tres Mali: Do you know any underground?

Vintage Soul: Don’t know any underground/

Tres Mali: What do you think about the treatment during the Vietnam War, from what you were taught?

Vintage Soul: I wasn’t taught anything about the Vietnam War.

Tres Mali: Any connection to the Catholic Church?

Vintage Soul: No.

Tres Mali: What do you think about the War in Afghanistan?

Vintage Soul: It means the end.

Tres Mali: Why do you think that?

Vintage Soul: Innocent people are getting killed.

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Tres Mali a Breast Cancer Survivor: A Black-American Experience!® on Angels Do Speak!®

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Tres Mali 12/11/2008 A Black-American Experience!® & Angels Do Speak!®
 At 9:30 pm.m on 5/16/2012 I had a vision of what looks like women concerned about Breast Cancer. In the Late 1980s, I personally had a lump removed from my left Breast. I wear a Fuchsia Bow Ribbon on my purse. It Reminds me that I have overcome a terrifying experience. A Pink Ribbon is Breast Cancer Awareness. A Fuchsia Bow Ribbon is my Breast Cancer Survival. With early detection and immediate responseyou can have a better opportunity to survive Breast Cancer. Tres Mali

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