Father Ramon Valera: Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar

Father Ramon Valera was a speaker for the Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar hosted by the Spirit of God Community Youth and Family Ministry at St. Mary Magdalen Parish Hall in Los Angeles, California.

Fr. Valera stated the St. JEROME translated the Holy Bible into Latin and it is called:

  1. The Bull Gate or
  2. The Gullgotta

Fr. Ramon Valera also requested that all pray for:

  • Healing of Family Relationships,
  • Healing of Sick Family Members, and
  • Our School Systems

I have experienced Fr. Valera speaking before, he has consistently shown outstanding teaching skills.


Father Keanneth Ojomah: Spirit of God Community Seminar Speaker

Fr. Keanneth Ojomah was a speaker for the Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar hosted by the Spirit of God Community Youth and Family Ministry. Fr. Ojomah stated:

The Spirit of God can be violent, the Spirit of God can be gentle.

This African Priest had a healing session during the seminar. I personally experienced the healing. It is:

  • Super and Supreme Prayer healing (meaning it is his own healing energy that causes the healing)
  • It cleared all krama that we may get from interacting with others
  • It helped the Faithful departed around to start resting in peace

Attending a seminar with Fr. Ojomah is a healthy and refreshing experience.


Father Francis: Powerfully Strong Healing Prayers

At 12:00pm Mass at the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral Downtown Los Angeles, California:

  • The Late Pope John Paul II was behind the Alter while Mass was being said.
  • St. Mary Magdalen was behind the Alter sitting in a chair turned to the left.
  • Vision of the garment Chausable: Rank of this garment is Priest.
  • I was recently hit by a car and asked Father Francis for prayer, he has powerfully strong healing prayers, I said that to Fr. Francis, too.
  • After writing about the strong healing, I heard St. Pio, I could not understand what he said, but in thought, “She acknowledges the Priest and people will seek them out for prayer”. He sent one of His Angels (St. Pio had Stigmata for 50 years) Continue reading

Litany: A Prayer for Fortitude

Lord Have Mercy (Kyrie eleison), Christ Have Mercy (Christe eleison), Lord Have Mercy (Kyrie eleison)

God the Father of Heaven, We beg you to grant us Fortitude

God the Son, Redeemer of the World, We beg you to grant us Fortitude

God the Holy Ghost, We beg you to grant us Fortitude

God Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, We beg you to grant us Fortitude

God Holy Trinity One God (Unum Deum), We beg you to grant us Fortitude

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us

St. Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ, Pray for Us

St. Gabriel, Our Strength from God, Pray for Us

St. Raphael, Our Health from God, Pray for Us

Uriel, Our light from God, Pray for Us

Jophiel, Our Beauty of God, Pray for Us

Zadkiel, Our Righteousness of God, Pray for Us

Jopkiel, Our Purity of God, Pray for Us

Lamb of God you take away the sins of the World, Grant Us Peace, Say 3X

V. Jesus Christ, you redeemed us by your blood.

R. You have made us a Kingdom to serve our God.

Let Us Pray

Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly beg for Fortitude from you and of you. A strength of mind to meet and endure unfaltering pain, adversity, or peril physical, mental, emotional, social, and constant courage.

Lord Jesus Christ, we beg for physical, emotional, mental, and social strength with Holy forces, strength, and might.

Almighty God, Lord God Heavenly King we beg for supernatural blessing. May the Lord bless us and keep us, may the Lord let his face shine upon us, may the Lord lift his countenance up to us and grant us peace. Amen.

Dominus vobiscom et cum spiritu tuo.

Gratias agamus Domino Deo nostro, Dignum et justum est.


St. Michael Extending His Hand: Aberration/Apparition

Around 9:30-9:45pm on 2/13/2009 I had a vision of St. Michael very, very distant extending his had to someone and the Saint that rides a horse that was once Pagan.

Also St. Mary, “You have seen hell my child.”


The Greatest History Book

More recently, holistic medicine has been popular. This includes prayer and ancient healing. The field of psychology discusses the power of the mind, and comes from a religious background, but most people are  not accessing these abilities. Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, better known as Paracelsus, a healer and the most famous physician of the Renaissance tells us to awaken the healer in self (Peschek-Bohmer and Shreiber, 2003).

When I hear the word power, I think of angels. “A Power” is a choir or class of angels that gives our soul protection against the snares and temptations of evil (Rose Scapular Co., 2006 The St. Michael Chaplet).

1 Corinthians 13:1, states:

  • “THOUGH I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become a sounding brass, or a tinking cymbal.”

The Holy Bible is a collection of works that come from God. The school system requires us to read books about suicide (Shakespeare) as Rapper Scare Face once stated on Television, but the “Greatest History Book”, with the “Greatest Authors” that continue to help us, even today, is something many people don’t want around.

I  saw a special on the “History Channel” about Cyrus King of Persia, they forgot to tell us we can find out more information about him in the Book of Ezra of the Holy Bible.


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Rose Scapular C. (2006).  The St. Michael Chaplet. St. Michael World Apostolate. Bayside, New York.