Father Francis: Powerfully Strong Healing Prayers

At 12:00pm Mass at the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral Downtown Los Angeles, California:

  • The Late Pope John Paul II was behind the Alter while Mass was being said.
  • St. Mary Magdalen was behind the Alter sitting in a chair turned to the left.
  • Vision of the garment Chausable: Rank of this garment is Priest.
  • I was recently hit by a car and asked Father Francis for prayer, he has powerfully strong healing prayers, I said that to Fr. Francis, too.
  • After writing about the strong healing, I heard St. Pio, I could not understand what he said, but in thought, “She acknowledges the Priest and people will seek them out for prayer”. He sent one of His Angels (St. Pio had Stigmata for 50 years) Continue reading

Holy Biblical Teachings in Secular Terms

Holy Biblical teachings in secular terms are call worldly concepts.

An example is

  • “the body of Christ”, “Christ came in the flesh”.
  • Other religions in literal terms may be “the body of the Devil”, Holy Biblically “possessed by the Devil”.
  • “The body of Angels”, “Angel possessed”, some people do whorship Angels and Demons.
  • “The body of Demons”, “Demon possessed”.


Litany: A Prayer for Fortitude

Lord Have Mercy (Kyrie eleison), Christ Have Mercy (Christe eleison), Lord Have Mercy (Kyrie eleison)

God the Father of Heaven, We beg you to grant us Fortitude

God the Son, Redeemer of the World, We beg you to grant us Fortitude

God the Holy Ghost, We beg you to grant us Fortitude

God Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, We beg you to grant us Fortitude

God Holy Trinity One God (Unum Deum), We beg you to grant us Fortitude

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us

St. Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ, Pray for Us

St. Gabriel, Our Strength from God, Pray for Us

St. Raphael, Our Health from God, Pray for Us

Uriel, Our light from God, Pray for Us

Jophiel, Our Beauty of God, Pray for Us

Zadkiel, Our Righteousness of God, Pray for Us

Jopkiel, Our Purity of God, Pray for Us

Lamb of God you take away the sins of the World, Grant Us Peace, Say 3X

V. Jesus Christ, you redeemed us by your blood.

R. You have made us a Kingdom to serve our God.

Let Us Pray

Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly beg for Fortitude from you and of you. A strength of mind to meet and endure unfaltering pain, adversity, or peril physical, mental, emotional, social, and constant courage.

Lord Jesus Christ, we beg for physical, emotional, mental, and social strength with Holy forces, strength, and might.

Almighty God, Lord God Heavenly King we beg for supernatural blessing. May the Lord bless us and keep us, may the Lord let his face shine upon us, may the Lord lift his countenance up to us and grant us peace. Amen.

Dominus vobiscom et cum spiritu tuo.

Gratias agamus Domino Deo nostro, Dignum et justum est.


The Positive for the Negative

The Negative:

  • “There are many Antichrist before the true Antichrist” (#616)

I use to here that saying all the time. It was used to describe behavior of individuals that was negative and could parallel evil. My experience in life is also that the Positive:

  • “There are many anointed before the True Anointed One”   (Tres Mali Scott) (#717)


Pope Benedict XVI: His Travels

Pope Benedict XVI traveled to Ammon, Jordan, a Arab country and met with Christians. The morning News in Los Angeles, California calls  this trip:

  • “The Pope in the Middle East”


St. Dorothea’s Roses: My Own Experience

According to The Catholic Source by Rev. Peter Klien, St. Dorothea was a victim of the Dioletian persecution of the early fourth century. According to legend, she was scoffed at by Theophilus, the judge’s secretary, as she was being led to execution:

“Send me some roses and fruit when you when you get to paradise, Dorothea. ” Within moments of her execution an angel appeared to him, bearing a basket of apples and roses inscribed, “From Dorothea, in pardise.”

For me it is different, it means what the  colors of the rose mean. It also means:

  •  “The Power of Heaven Shall be know through the Roses” St. Mary.

6:35pm on 5/7/2009 while walking from Star Bucks to the 711 Store, I was thinking about someone I know, Aquille from the Inglewood Library. His Angel’s use to communicate with me all the time. I found a yellow and pink rose with a representation of Olympia my sister on it.

I once introduced Aquille to Olympia. She plays professional Basketball.


Breaking Seals: Aberration/Apparition

A couple of days ago after May 1st, 2009, I had a vision of a symbolic representation of a “seal breaking”. I could not see how many seals were there.