A Written Language & Nuclear Materials: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

A Suitcase Nuclear Bomb on Angels Do Speak!®

At 12:30 p.m. on 5/20/2012 Angels stated Nuclear materials found that is written in a language they can not read. Tres Mali

Eclipse: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

NASA Eclipse Picture on Angels Do Speak!® http://umbra.nascom.nasa.gov/eclipse/images/eclipse_images.html

At 9:34 a.m. on 5/18/2012 I had a vision of an Eclipse. Tres Mali

I wonder if black smoke can cause this type of phonemena?

Mother Teresa: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

The Young Mother Teresa on Angels Do Speak!®

At 11:43 p.m. on 5/16/2012 I had a vision of Mother Teresa, she stated, “Some of these women had children for them to get hurt insteat of them.” Tres Mali

P.S. When I was young and free and my heart had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. When I got older and wiser, I did. What Tres Mali thinks of Mother Teresa

The Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta on Angels Do Speak!®

Pope Benedict XVI in Rome: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

The Young Pope Benedict XVI on Angels Do Speak!®

At which in Rome it is 9:44 a.m, Wednesday May 17, 2012 and it is 6:44 a.m. on Tuesday May 16, 2012, in Los Angeles, California where I am, I had an experience of a group and visions of world problems, Pope Benedict XVI looked like he was in his night clothes, since it was 6:44 a.m. to him, he really might have been in his night clothes. Tres Mali