Tina Turner: Aberration/Apparition

From: A Black-American Experience


At 11:41am on 8/18/2010 I had a vision of Tina Turner, I saw a Bill Board of her in Beverly Hills, California USA a year ago, looks like she is doing great! I heard she use to live in La Dera Heights, California USA, so called The Black Beverly Hills, the street names are the same.

Tres Mali

Constantine the Great, Freedom of Religion: Aberration/Apparition


Around 6:16pm and 6:18pm on 8:26/2010 I had a Vision of Constantine the Great, he instituted religious freedom.

Tres Mali

Still Fishing, Veronica of the Cross: Aberration/Apparition


At 12:30pm on 8/26/2010 I had a vision of Veronica of the Cross with a fishing pole. Veronica of the Cross spent a lot of time praying Rosaries at St. Michael’s World Aposolate in Bayside, New York.

Tres Mali

Amazing Grace and White Doves: Aberration/Apparition


At 11:45am on 8/22/2010 during 11:00am Mass at St. Jerome’s Church in Westchester, California USA, I had a vision of a white dove flying under my chin while the choir san “Amazing Grace”.

Tres Mali

1484, The Church, & Witchcraft


According to Random House Timetables of History Second Revised Edition (1991), in 1484 the Church admitted that witchcraft exists. In 1487, Maleus Maleficarum described witchcraft and encouraged its suppression.

Tres Mali

The Japanese Buddha: Aberration/Apparition


At 6:21pm on 8/26/2010 I had a vision of Buddha, looked like the early Japanese style.

Tres Mali

Crusading Knight: Aberration/Appariton


At 6:P24pm on 8/26/2010 I had a vision of crusading knights.

Tres Mali

Voyager 2:Aberration/Apparition


At 6:05 pm and 6:06 pm on 8/27/2010 I had a vision of Voyager 2 ascending.

Tres Mali

Explosions and People: Aberration/Apparition


At 11:52am and 11:54am on 8/30/2010 I had a vision that looked like an explosion and people running in business clothes, White looking men.

Tres Mali