God Bless The Pope, Now Bless Me Pope Francis: Angels Do Speak!®

Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)

Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)

The Time Magazine, March 25, 2013 calls our new Pope “The New World Pope”. Remember in history that America is the “New World”. We now have a Pope from here, “The Americas”. The New World, The Americas has contributed to moral development. We have morals and values that are documented by the true church. There are only two Popes that are not Italian and Francis is of Italian descent.  And as Time Magazine puts it, this “Great Power” (Rome, a  state in the world) has influence.

TMSC International World Management & Leadership : The World Powers of Planet Earth answers–What is “Power”? and according to International Relations, A Power is defined by:

  1. Power is a goal,
  2. The Power to influence and control can be and is measured,
  3. The Power has had victory in conflict,
  4. The Power has attainment of security, and
  5. The Power to control resources and capabilities.

The Church in Rome is a “Supreme Spiritual Power”, the the State (country) in Italy is a “Great Power” of the world, helping to shape those that are in the

Angels Do Speak!®

Angels Do Speak!®

world and even of the world.

Look at the world as an organization. The organizational leadership of the world includes “degrees of world power”. The Degrees of Powers of the world are super, great, regional, and middle. These powers are defined as:

  1. A Super Power has the abilities of a Great Power plus a great power of mobility of the power.
  2. A Great Power has strong political, cultural, and economic influence across the world (1st tier).
  3. A Regional Power exercises influence & power within region (1st tier).
  4. A Middle Power is a 2nd tier influential state that could not be defined  as a great power (http://tmscconsultingsvcsllc.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/international-world-management-leadership-the-world-powers-of-planet-earth/).

The Time Magazine talks about a “spiritual sickness“. This “spiritual sickness” is not about priests, but proper vocational placement. Some priest are not Catholic, but Anglican, allowed one marriage.

The Church must have courage to convert priest to the proper vocation. Marriage is not only a Sacrament, but also a vocation, as the Blessed Pope John Paul II has prayed for “proper vocational placement”.

God Bless the New Pope Francis, as I hope he also Blesses Us all.

Tres Mali

The Late Pope John II—–Excellent: Aberration/Apparition

At 6:23am on 10/27/2009 I had a vision of Pope John Paul II, this picture looks similar to most of my visions of him. My attention was brought to the word “Excellent”, one of the syndications and feeds for is to Poland, they call this “…the Most Excellent…”

The robe looks like it covers up wings. The book of Revelation talks about the “Angels of the Seven Churches” or something like that, massagers of God.

Tres Mali


Pope Benedict XVI: His Travels

Pope Benedict XVI traveled to Ammon, Jordan, a Arab country and met with Christians. The morning News in Los Angeles, California calls  this trip:

  • “The Pope in the Middle East”


Pope Benedict XVI & St. Mary: Aberration/Apparition

At 10:51am on 2/7/2009 I had a vision of Pope Benedict XVI and St. Mary. Angels are around and breaking news has been reporting about the International problems, Iran, Hamas, Israel, and Nigeria.


I Am a Black-American Catholic!!!!!

I Am a Black-American Psychic

"I am a Black-American Psychic" Tres Mali Scott

Baptized, Confirmed, and raised Catholic, what an Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ class calls Orthodox Catholic, and am now a Roman Catholic, I am use to the:

My mother taught kindergarten CCD classes, English and I was the teacher assistant translator for the Spanish kindergarten classes. Most Masses are about 45 minutes, as I entered my teenage years, church mass got longer, of course that is when I wanted to spend time with peers. After spending 3 to 4 hours at St. John’s Chrysostom in Inglewood, California because of Mass: my CCD class and Spanish CCD class, we started attending St. Bridget Parish on 54th Street in Los Angeles, California. It was Black-American Cultural Mass.

You would think we were back in time, a full Gospel Choir singing for hours. Mass seemed like five hours, then brunch after across the street. One positive thing, I got to see most of my cousins and we sat in the sound proof child area. Mid-Night Christmas Eve Mass seemed five hours, too.

From time spent, looking at hours alone, as Archbishop Lefebvre said, “Must we become Protestant in order to remain Catholic?” in the book The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy, by Father Paul Kramer (to order: http://www.fatimashoppe.org)  

I attended protestant schools kindergarten through sixth grade and when I went to Oklahoma to attend college, Graduate School, and a Doctoral Program, I attended Protestant Black-American Churches due to the Racist Politics of the South.

It looks like three times “I became Protestant and remain Catholic”.

After relocating back to the Greater Los Angeles Area, I found out that many of the prophecies of the 1970s and 1980s from Jesus Christ and St. Mary speaking again describes what went on in my life. St. Michael’s World Aposolate publishes “Heaven Speaks” you can purchase and read for yourselves.

Because I was persecuted whether considered Catholic or Protestant, I have written an article that talks about Church Leadership and pre-skism for wikipedia.org. I also published the article on “A Black-American Experience”

I am also a Black-American Psychic, the Saints and Angels associated with the Catholic Church are helpful, the Late Pope John Paul II sent me Angels, he was considered an orator.

I should not have to state that I am a Black-American Catholic, but there are many races that are Black-American looking. I am really Black and really American.

At 8:11pm 12/5/2008 at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, while writing this article, and giving gratitude to Father Nicholas Gruner from the Fatima Center for sending me “Our Lady’s Book Service”, I had a vision of  “Our Lady” St. Mary.


The Pope is German

When the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI is German(A White Anglo-Saxon Catholic WASC), I knew I was going to have a problem. We try not ot generalize about races of people, but German People sometimes have strong words. Once the media commented about his strong words. The German History is one of many wrongs that are known and have effected and affected many people, I hope that the Pope being German may help reduce some of the negative feelings people have toward this race.

I once met a women that is from another country, I stated that the Pope being German makes it difficult for Catholics because German History, she stated that the Germans did terrible things to her country, I stated that the Pope being German also helps people to see something positive about Germans, it seems that this women started healing emotionally because she could discuss , without judgement, her feelings.

God Does Not Make Mistakes!