California Catholic Conference: This Year’s Budget

Archdiocese of Los Angeles California Catholic Conference-Legislative Malaise Impacts Critical Bills A preoccupation with the budget impacted all legislation this year, including significant measures being tracked by the California Catholic Conference.  As for Catholic Lobby Day bills – AB 1057 (Beall – Food Stamps), SB 399 (Yee – Sentencing), AB 1048 (Torrico – Baby Surrender) – they will all be back next year.
Other bills on topics such as umbilical cord blood, marriage recognition, human trafficking and stem cell education are either on the governor’s desk or have been significantly modified.  Read the summary list here or a more comprehensive list here.

Source: Catholic Legislative Network Public Policy Insights Vol. 2, No. 37

Lisa, The La Dera Heights Nail Tech: Aberration/Apparition

On 09/20/2009 I had a vision of Lisa, a Nail Tech from the La Dera Center in La Dera Heights, California. Lisa use to do my mother’s nails, she died. My mother believes she was sick and did not tell anyone.

Lisa was sitting in a chair and there was light around her. She is an Asian women.


Pale White Crucifix With Corpus: Aberration/Apparition

On 09/11/2009 at 6:05pm while praying the Invocations to honor The Holy Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I had a vision of a “Pale White Crucifix” with corpus. To me the color represents “sacred”.


St. Jerome & St. …Cabrini: Aberration/Apparition

Around 11:00pm on 09/17/2009 I had a vision of St. Jerome & St. …Cabrini looking beat in the eye, “Beati”, they have been saints for a long time.

May the Almighty God send His Spirit and Being to defend them.


Types of Prayer and Angels

During the Mission Mass starting at 7:00pm on 09/16/2009 Angels Beings discussed the types of prayers. As Catholics most of the prayers are considered “traditional prayers”, meaning we read or memorize a prayer we have learned.

A priest said a “non-traditional prayer” and it stood out, the Angel Beings discussed that this is “Charismatic Prayer”.


The Angels and Computer Error Unknown!

I was working on the computer and it said, “Unknown Error”, it reminded me of “The Fifteen St. Bridget Prayers Revealed by Our Lord to Saint Bridget of Sweden in the Church of St. Paul at Rome” and the “21 St. Bridget Promises”.

According to The Pieta Prayer Book (2006),

The 21 St. Bridget Prayers are  not covered by an imprimatur. In Jan. of 1954 the Holy Office issued a warning that the supernatural origin of these promises has not been proven.

On 09/18/2009 at around 4:39pm I noticed that for about 45 minutes many types of “Beings” stated, “Origins Unknown”. It felt like I was passing by them. The picture on this page looks like an “Angelic Presence” that was around when this was occurring.


Russian Looking Cross: Aberration/Apparition

During Mission Mass at St. Jerome’s Parish in Westchester, California on 09/16/2009, during the entrance, I had a vision of what looks like a silver Russian cross without corpus.


P.S. While writing, some angels stated, “That isn’t Russian”.

The Brazilian Catholic St. Mary & Father Bob Gielow: Apparition/Aberration

During 7:00pm Mission Mass on Monday 09/14/2009 while four Priest on the alter and four Alter Servers, one girl and 3 boys, saying the Communion Prayer, I had a vision of the Brazilian version of St. Mary  in white, like a “neophyte” or Adamish, the first or new to something. At the end of Mission Mass the Brazilian version of St.Mary was in Red, like the Priest Father Bob Gielow and on his left.


Irish Tap Dancers: Aberration/Apparition

During 7:00pm day one of mission mass of four at St. Jerome’s Parish on 09/14/2009 a song was sung in an Irish tone and Irish tap dancing angels appeared in the church,. One on my right.

I know they are Irish because they kept their arms at their sides while tap dancing. The music reminds me of the Titanic Movie.