St. Jude and “His Prayer Cards”: Aberration/Apparition


At 6:16am and 6:41am on 4/25/2010 after reading prayer cards and a Greeting Card from the Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus Dominican Friars, I had a vision of St. Jude.

Tres Mali

For prayer cards and St. Jude Oil contact:

  • Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus Dominican Friars
  • 2390 Bush Street, P.O. Box 15368
  • San Francisco, CA 94115-0368
  • (415) 931-5919

Need Prayers?: From the Association of Marian Helpers

Need Prayers?j0336686

Call: 1-800-804-3823

Fax: 1-413-298-3583


Visit the Website:

Or write: Association of Marian Helpers c/o Ministry of Prayer Stockbridge, MA 01263

A Man With The Image of Jesus Christ: Aberration/Apparition

2734700731_cca822876b At 4:46pm on 4/3/2010 I had a vision of a man rising up then the image of Jesus Christ on the man.

Tres Mali

A Shield: Aberration/Apparition

j0290833 At 8:39am on 4/4/2010 I had a vision of an Angel Being’s Shield.

Tres Mali

Two White Roses on Easter Sunday: Aberration/Apparition

j0436873 On 4/4/2010 while walking from the store on Easter Sunday, some call it Resurrection Sunday, I found two White Roses on the sidewalk. I say thank you to St. Theresa, a reminder of “The Love of God”.

Tres Mali

SCRC Catholic Renewal Convention Labor Day Weekend September 3-5, 2010 39th Annual at the Anaheim Convention Center

so02106_ Stand Firm in the Faith

                           1 Cor. 16:13

Southern California Renewal Communities (SCRC)’s 39th Annual Catholic Renewal Convention will be held Labor Day Weekend, September 3-5, 2010 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Download SCRC Convention Registration Brochures, Young Adult, Teen or Vietnamese Conference flyers at or for hard copies to be mailed to you , please contact:

SCRC, 9795 Cabrini Drive, # 208 Burbank, CA 91504-1740    Phone: (818) 771-1361      Fax (818) 771-1379

Again Saint Mary: Aberration/Apparition

At 1:12pm on 4/2010 I had another vision of St. Mary.

Tres Mali

Saint Mary: Aberration/Apparition

At 1:09pm  on 4/2/2010 a vision of St. Mary.

Tres Mali

Tupac Shahur’s Mother: Aberration/Apparition


I had a vision of terrorist and para-terrorist, I stated, “I am American”.  Tupac Shahur’s mother stated, “I am American, too.” I don’t know if she is an American or not, people say she is a Black Panther, The Black Panther Party used the drug heroin, which Afghanistan produces. The Taliban ran the Afghanistan Government for five years. So I don’t if she is just saying something or if she is American. I, am a United States of America Black-American.

Tres Mali

The Left Arm: Aberration/Apparition


At 12:40pm 4/2/2010 I had another vision of an Angel Being’s left arm, wings, and shield.

Tres Mali