Joan of Arch a Cursade: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

Joan of Arch: Angels Do Speak!®

Joan of Arch: Angels Do Speak!®

At 1:24 p.m. on 12/13/2012 I had a vision of Joan of Arch, it looks like a Cursade, military action. Tres Mali

Jesus Christ’s Hands: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

jesus_hands1 on Angels Do Speak!®At 8:06 a.m. on 7/16/2012 I had a vision of Jesus Christ’s hands. Tres Mali

The Holy Family: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

Angels Do Speak!®

At 11:11 a.m. while praying the “Ancient Prayer to St. Joseph” outside St. Jerome Church, the Holy Family appeared translucent like the picture in “The Pieta Prayer Book”.

Tres Mali

“Our Father” & The Fatima Children: The Sound: Angels Do Speak!®

The Fatima Children: Francisco, Lucia, & Jucinta: Angels Do Speak!®

At 8:27 a.m. on 6/16/2012 while saying the “Our Father” prayer during Mass, I could hear the Fatima Children praying in Mass with me at St. Jerome Church in Westchester, California USA.

Tres Mali

The Fatima Apparitions: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

Lucia, Jacinta, & Franciso on Angels Do Speak!®

At 7:49 a.m. on 6/13/2012 I had a vision of Jacinta and Franciso from the Fatima Apparitions. Tres Mali

Lucia, Jacinta, & Franciso from the Fatima Apparitions on Angels Do Speak!®

Arise Christian Center & Pastor Ron Taylor: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

Parstor Ron Taylor from Arise Christian Center on Angels Do Speak!®

At 10:22 a.m. on 6/3/2012 i had a vision of Pastor Ron Taylor from Arise Christian Center in Los Angeles, California. Tres Mali

Mother Teresa: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

The Young Mother Teresa on Angels Do Speak!®

At 11:43 p.m. on 5/16/2012 I had a vision of Mother Teresa, she stated, “Some of these women had children for them to get hurt insteat of them.” Tres Mali

P.S. When I was young and free and my heart had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. When I got older and wiser, I did. What Tres Mali thinks of Mother Teresa

The Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta on Angels Do Speak!®

The Myth & Psychic Experience about the Ark of the Covenant & Buddhist on International PNP®: Angels Do Speak!®

Ark of the Covenant on International PNP®
Ethiopia’s Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant Myth | Eritrea

For the full story go to: International PNP®

Past Nuclear Ring: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

At 6:29 p.m. on 4/25/2012 I had a vision of a rainbow in the sky with clouds as a background, looks like, the rainbow from a Nuclear picture I posted in the past. Tres Mali