My Unseen Stigmata: Aberration/Apparition

At 1:19pm on 3/3/2010 my right hand again felt like a blunt nail went through it.

Once when my mother and myself were praying for my younger brother Stephen, I had a vision that our heads were rapped and then a crown of thorns appeared around our heads, like the Ecce Homo images.

Tres Mali

The Holy Face of Jesus & Tears: Aberration/Apparition

j0194070 On Tuesday 07/14/2009 during 8:00am Mass at St. Basils Church in Downtown Los Angeles, California I had a vision of The Holy Face of Jesus over my head and it felt like a tear drop from Jesus Christ fell on my right hand.


Father Francis: Powerfully Strong Healing Prayers

At 12:00pm Mass at the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral Downtown Los Angeles, California:

  • The Late Pope John Paul II was behind the Alter while Mass was being said.
  • St. Mary Magdalen was behind the Alter sitting in a chair turned to the left.
  • Vision of the garment Chausable: Rank of this garment is Priest.
  • I was recently hit by a car and asked Father Francis for prayer, he has powerfully strong healing prayers, I said that to Fr. Francis, too.
  • After writing about the strong healing, I heard St. Pio, I could not understand what he said, but in thought, “She acknowledges the Priest and people will seek them out for prayer”. He sent one of His Angels (St. Pio had Stigmata for 50 years) Continue reading

Stigmata: Aberration/Apparition (Ancient and Modern)

At 8:40am on 12/4/2008 my left wrist and hand felt like stigmata. According to an Angel, the wrist represents Ancient and the hand modern.