Robert Kennedy & USA Today Newspaper: Aberration/Apparition

The Kennedy Clan- John, Robert, & Ted

At 5:38 a.m. on 1/19/2011 I had a vision of Robert Kennedy while reading an USA Today article about the Obama-Hu summit (U.S.-China). Tres Mali

A Distant Robert Kennedy: Aberration/Apparition

John F. Kennedy, Sr. & Robert Kennedy

At 7:22 p.m. on 1/18/2011 I had a vision of Robert Kennedy, he looked distant and like he was walking across someplace. Tres Mali

Robert Kennedy’s Casket: Aberration/Apparition


robert-kennedyAt 5:32pm 6/13/2010 I had an experience of Robert Kennedy, he state, “They have been in my  casket”.

Tres Mali

Robert Kennedy & A Gun Shot: Aberration/Apparition


At 4:44pm on 6/13/2010 I had a vision of something or someone through time viewing Robert Kennedy’s death, I heard a gun shot.

Tres Mali

Robert Kennedy, Tres Mali’s Multiple Visions


I had multiple visions of Robert Kennedy on 6/11/2010:

  • 2:50pm
  • 2:52pm, with his body turned to the left.
  • 2:53pm, experience of Robert Kennedy and his Angel Wings, feels like he is very disturbed about something, this is an experience of the past. Experience from looking at a picture. The picture on this post is the accurate picture that I observed.
  • 3:02pm I experienced an Angel Being stating, “They are now in the casket, trying to get rid of the evidence.” Referring to Robert Kennedy.

Tres Mali

Robert Kennedy: Aberration/Apparition


At 2:25pm on 6/11/2010 I had a vision of Robert Kennedy, the top of his head in his casket.

Tres Mali