Chemical Ali: Aberration/Apparition

At 8:15am on 1/27/2010 I had an experience of Chemical Ali while writing an article about Zionism and “If Israel is a Country, it is Borders and not Boundaries”.His religion believes in torturing people alive and dead. Chemical Ali stated I did not torture him. His country believes that means “God is Present”.

He also discussed my article about Israel getting borders. I could not see who he is talking to.

I pray that the Islamic Countries are being honest about recognizing and accepting Israel into what Theodore Herzl calls “The Brotherhood of Nations”. One excuse is the lack of Borders to define the country.

Tres Mali

The Wind & Angel Beings: Aberration/Apparition

j0384448 At 9:01am on 1/19/2010 I had a vision of an infant & a grayish white Angel Being with a round shaped tube on it’s head holding the infant in it’s hands.

When the Angel Being ascended, a wind moved the palm tree branches.

Tres Mali

Pope Benedict XVI & His Eyes Casted Upward: Aberration/Apparition

popebenedictxvi's praying hands

At 9:24am on 1/21/2010, I had a vision of Pope Benedict XVI in a prayer position with “His Eyes” casted upward.

Tres Mali

Waterfall: Aberration/Apparition

j0200960 At 1:53pm on 1/20/2010 I had a vision of a Waterfall from a “Cherub Eye”.

Tres Mali

Bill Cosby-A Psychic Experience: Aberration/Apparition

j0288951 At 1:51pm on 1/20/2010 I had a vision of Bill Cosby’s face. We are the same astrological sign, Cancer. When I was growing up I use to look at all the successful people to see what we have in common. Some may see it as lazy, but I do not want to “reinvent the wheel”.

Tres Mali

UCLA Medical Center: Aberration/Apparition

From: Angels Do Speak!

At 7:27am on 1/22/2010, I had a vision of a medical picture that is from Medical Center. It represents “medical breakthrough’s”  that are “state of the art”.

I am sure that the schools medical ethics will always be under a microscope for the use of:

  1. Technology andj0438791
  2. Human Subjects

Good Luck UCLA!!!!! May the Lord Bless You and Keep You!!!!!

Tres Mali

The Love of God & The Power of God: Aberration/Apparition

A few days ago, while walking in Beverly Hills I found a Red Rose without a stem or thorns in the gutter next to the park.

St. Theresa sends me Roses from heaven to remind me of “God’s Love”.j0382808

One of St. Theresa’s prayers, is that everyone know the “Love of God’. I pray that we know “The Power of God”.

Tres Mali 

Michael Jackson & His Experience with The Taliban: Aberration/Apparition

At 6:53pn on 1/9/2010 I had an experience of , he statedimage685841g[1] (2) that the Taliban was attacking his family and at 6:55pm he started praying.

Tres Mali

Prayer for the Earthquake Victims in Haiti 2010

j0430853  “Cry out with joy to the Lord, all the Earth” (From Magnificat Sept. 2008 pg. 298 to subscribe call 1-866-273-5215 or

“May the Almighty God calm the Earth”, per an Angel Being.

The United States of America is now Air-dropping Aid to Haiti for the victims of the 2010 Earthquake.

May the Almighty God Bless and Keep all the Victims and Survivors of the Earthquake in Haiti 2010, with Supernatural Blessings and Supernatural Healing in the name and by the power of Jesus Christ, Lord, Savoir, Redeemer, & Healer.

Tres Mali