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  1. Hello,

    You might like check out these online audio messages addressed to Pope Benedict, inviting him to correct the great wrong done through the withholding of Mary’s Prophecy.

    What I like about these messages is that while it calls him out on his wrongs it also acknowledges his struggle to try and do the right thing.

    Serving God is not the same thing as serving one’s superiors, no matter what titles they hold.

    Here are a few excerpts from the 4th and final message:

    1. “Hello, Pope Benedict. In this my fourth message, I will release to you and the world, Mary’s Prophecy that is contained in what some call the 4th Secret of Fatima.”

    2. “It was in Mary’s Prophecy, in the 2nd Secret of Fatima where Mary says, of the humans and non humans in the 2nd level of Hell, “To save them, God wishes to establish in the world, devotion to my Immaculate Heart”.

    3. “The huge numbers of deaths and the immense amount of suffering that has happened to humanity during the last 50 years is the direct result of decisions made by Vatican conservatives not to release the 3rd and 4th Secrets of Fatima to people in 1960 as requested.”

    4. “As a result, no one to date has properly consecrated Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as requested because no one in the Vatican knows how to consecrate a country or location to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.”

    5. “You still have a chance, release the documents immediately and maybe together, we can consecrate Mary’s Immaculate Heart Energies, and change the world.”

    6. “The choice is yours. However, I need to now offer those people who are ready, the opportunity to consecrate and activate, Mary’s Immaculate Heart Love Energies in their Body, Mind, Soul and Holy Spirit Light Body.”

    7. “Overall, it is actually quite simple; it is the energy of Love that makes the difference in people’s lives throughout the world. If one has Love Energy, one is complete within. If one doesn’t have Love Energy, one is incomplete, no matter how much money one has in life.”

    8. “Thus, on June 11, 2011, I will consecrate and activate, Mary’s Immaculate Heart Love Energies in Africa and 78 locations around the world.”

    The 4th message and others in the series can be found here:



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