Nat King Cole: Aberration/Apparition

nat-greatesthits-l At 1:47pm on 6/18/2010 I had a vision of Nat King Cole, a famous Black Singer in the United States of America.

Tres Mali

Remember Good, Bad, & Neutral!!!!!

From: Tres Mali Scott’s Poetry and Short Stories

00446394 Remember the good to go on & *look forward.

Remember the bad to defend yourself.

Remember the neutral to remember!!!!!

*Angel Being Lisa (her words) 3:11pm on6/6/2010 (Another Angel Being stated she is smart and one of the few people that can help you. May the Almighty God Bless them with Intellectus, Knowledge, & Wisdom, so that more may receive help).

Tres Mali

Additionally, Sometimes I see observing me communicating with Angel Beings.

John F. Kennedy, Tres Mali’s Multiple Visions

From: Angels Do Speak

john_f_kennedy_1 At 2:46pm on 6/11/2010 I had vision of John F. Kennedy and:

  • 2:48pm, with his body turned to the left.
  • 2:57pm, with his body turned to the left.
  • 2:49pm, looked like an Angel.

Tres Mali

Warrior Saints: Aberration/Apparition


00403560 At 6:42pm on 6/13/2010 I had a vision of the Saint that can not read or write, he is African or Black, his clothed in a white cape and when a man is needed he is responding.

Tres Mali

Edward (Ted) Kennedy Ascending: Aberration/Apparition


At 1:32pm on 6/14/2010 I had a vision of Edward (Ted) Kennedy ascending.

Tres Mali

The Blessed Pope John Paul II Ascending: Aberration/Apparition


At 1:29pm on 6/14/2010 I had a vision of the Blessed Pope John Paul II ascending.

Tres Mali

Robert Kennedy’s Casket: Aberration/Apparition


robert-kennedyAt 5:32pm 6/13/2010 I had an experience of Robert Kennedy, he state, “They have been in my  casket”.

Tres Mali

Golden Hair An Angel Being: Aberration/Apparition


From: Angels Do Speak!


At 4:49pm on 6/13/2010 I had a vision of a Black Angel Being with Golden Hair.

Tres Mali

Robert Kennedy & A Gun Shot: Aberration/Apparition


At 4:44pm on 6/13/2010 I had a vision of something or someone through time viewing Robert Kennedy’s death, I heard a gun shot.

Tres Mali

The Sacred Heart Badge, Briefly!!!!!

From: Our Lady of the Rosary & America Needs Fatima


Third Sunday after Pentecost
St. Anthony of Padua – Confessor, Doctor


Our Lord revealed to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque "His wish for her to
order a picture of the image of that Sacred Heart for people
specifically to venerate and have in their homes and also small
pictures to carry with them." She wrote this to her superior, Mother
Saumaise, on March 2, 1686. Thus was born the devotion of wearing the
little Badges…

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…St. Margaret Mary Alacoque always kept a Badge with her and inspired
her novices to do the same. She made many Badges and often said this
practice was very pleasing to the Sacred Heart…

…Wishing to foster the pious habit of wearing the Badge, in 1872 the
Blessed Pope Pius IX granted one hundred years’ indulgence to all who
wear this emblem and pray daily one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one
Glory be.

the Holy Father composed this beautiful prayer:

"Open Thy Sacred Heart, O Jesus! Show me its beauty and unite me with
It forever. May the throbbing and all the movements of my heart, even
during sleep, be a testimony of my love and tell Thee unceasingly,
‘Yes, Lord Jesus, I adore Thee…accept my poor good actions…grant
me the grace of repairing the evil done…so that I may praise Thee
in time and bless Thee for all eternity. Amen…

Get your free Sacred Heart badge by calling               888-317-5571         888-317-5571.