Hugs From Michael Jackson: Aberration/Apparition

One day I had an experience of .

It seemed like he was giving me a hug. I wrote about “His Experience” with the Taliban.

Tres Mali

Thank God for “Tres Mali” from St. Michael: Aberration/Apparition

Late entry, at 9:38am on 1/25/2010, I experienced St. Michael the Archangel, and he stated, “Thank God for Tres”.

Jesus calls him “The Greatest Warrior of Heaven”.

Tres Mali

Michael Jackson & “His Fans”: Aberration/Apparition

A late entry, on 1/25/2020 at 8:57am, was praying for his fans.

Tres Mali

Catholics In Media Associates (CIMA) Presents The Seventeenth Annual CIMA Awards: 2010

Mass, Brunch, and Awards Show   10 am Sunday February 28th

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Crystal Ballroom

9641 Sunset Beverly Hills, California

Main Celebrant: His Eminence Cardinal Roger Mahoney

Honorary Co-Chairs: John and Gloria Gebbia

Feature Film: The Hurt Locker

Television series: Glee

Board of Director’s Award: Sr Rose Pacatte FSP

For more information and to purchase tickets ($100) by credit card please go to:

Further questions 818-907-2734

St. Mary and a Pink Rose: Aberration/Apparition

One day when I was walking by a park in Beverly Hills, California, I found a pink rose. I put it at the foot of a statue of St. Mary at St. Mary Magdalene Church in West Los Angeles, California and I had a vision of St. Mary looking down on me with her arms and hands extended like the Fatima pictures.

Tres Mali

St. Rafael the Archangel: Aberration/Apparition

At 5:48am on 2/12/2010 St. Rafael the Archangel, “One of the Seven”, meaning the seen stated, “She still did not use Satan”.

Tres Mali

Again Marilyn Monroe: Aberration/Apparition


At 8:39am on 2/12/2010, I had another vision of Marilyn Monroe.

Tres Mali

The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Aberration/Apparition

At 9:21am on 2/12/2010 I had a vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Tres Mali

St. Mary in Front of the Organ Pipes: Aberration/Apparition

At 11:56am on 2/14/2010 while in the loft practicing with the Choir I am a member of at the Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills, California, I had a vision of St. Mary with Her Hands extended like the Fatima Pictures in front of the organ pipes.

Tres Mali

Sets of Colored Wings: Aberration/Apparition

At 12:57pm on 2/14/2010 I had a vision of an Angel Being’s wings on one body: first a white set of wings, then a black set of wings, then a red set of wings, then a brown set of wings. White, Black, Red, and Brown.

It may represent a Governmental Body gaining the ability to protect, shield, guard, defend, and secure.

Tres Mali