Steve Picard: St. Jerome Parish Scripture Study-Fall 2008

Steve Picard is one of the Group Leaders for the St. Jerome Parish Scripture Study of the “Book of Exodus” Fall 2008. The Tuesday Evening meetings also look at a plan at home each week…

  1. Begin with  prayer
  2. Read Exodus chapters
  3. Read Binz commentary (if time permits)
  4. Prepare Study Guide questions (if time permits)

For the full Calendar of St. Jerome Parish Scripture Study-Fall 2008 go to: article “St. Jerome Parish Scripture Study-Fall 2008”

For the For the Guest Speaker Review of Dr. Daniel Smith Christopher, Professor, go to: article “Guest Speaker Review: Daniel Smith Christopher, Ph.D. St. Jerome Parish Scripture Study (Book of Exodus) Fall 2008”

Guest Speaker Review: Daniel Smith Christopher, Ph.D., St. Jerome Parish Scripture Study (The Book of Exodus) Fall 2008

Dr. Christopher has a degree from Oxford University, teaches at Loyola Marymount, voted by the Associated Students 2007 Professor of the year, has 11 Books, and is Director of Peace Studies at Loyola Marymount.

Dr. Christopher’s latest book is Lost Books of the Bible for Dummies.

Dr. Christopher was the quest speaker on the “Book of Exodus” at St. Jerome’s Parish Scripture Study-Fall 2008.

Dr. Christopher maintains audience attention and has an excellent use of humor.

Dr. Christopher discussed one reason Black Slaves of the United States of America were denied reading is the “Book of Exodus” and he also includes it as Liberation Theology.

For more information about the St. Jerome Parish Scripture Study-Fall 2008 go to: article “St. Jerome Parish Scripture Study-Fall 2008.


The Book of Exodus Scripture Study: St. Jerome Parish Fall 2008

St. Jerome Church in Westchester, California has a Fall 2008 Scripture Study of the Book of Exodus, dates:

  • From Sep 30-Nov 25

Only one week has passed, “YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO JOIN THE GROUP”. Individuals from different religions are together to study scripture. For a full Calendar go to:

A little Catholic Information about the Book of Exodus- It is in the liturgical readings of Sunday & Major Feasts:

  • Ex 3:1-8, 13-15                               3rd Sunday of Lent (C)
  • Ex 12: 1-8, 11-14                            Holy Thursday
  • Ex 14:15-1 & 15:1-6, 17-18            Easter Vigil
  • Ex 16:2-4, 12-15                             18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)
  • Ex 17: 3-7                                        3rd Sunday of Lent (A)
  • Ex 17:8-13                                       29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)
  • Ex 19:2-6                                         11th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)
  • Ex 19:3-8, 16-20                             Vigil of Pentecost
  • Ex 20:1-17                                       3rd Sunday of Lent (B)
  • Ex 22:20-26                                     30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)
  • Ex 24:308                                         Feast of the body & Blood of Christ (B)
  • Ex 32:7-11, 13-14                           24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)
  • Ex 34: 4-6, 8-9                                Trinity Sunday (A)

The Next St. Jerome Bible Study: The Gospel of Mark (January 2009)

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St. Jerome’s Church Bulletin Westchester, California September 14, 2008

St. Rahael Saying “Tobias”: Aberration/Apparition

A Litany of Saint Raphael I recieved from St. Michael’s World Apostolate has a line that reads:

  • St. Raphael, who wert the guide and consolation of Tobias on his journey,

Today, as I was at the Los Angeles, California Metro 212 Bus Stop a psychic echo of St. Raphael sounded “Tobias”.

I have Litanied St. Raphael several times.