St. Jerome’s Church: Aberration/Apparition

At 4:41pm on 2/26/2009 I had a vision of an older Black Women that attended  St. Jerome’s Church with me at 8:00am weekday Masses and a young person at an open door with a women standing in it.


The Catholic School Closing Problem

In Brooklyn, NY some of the Diocesan school may close. One reason people attend private schools is for smaller class sizes and more extra curricula activities. To keep the Diocesan schools open some suggestions that I learned from the public school problems (I have a School Counselor Certification):

  1. The public schools went to smaller class sizes which are still larger than private school classes-Increase the number of students in the classes  at Catholic schools which would still be smaller than the public schools.
  2. The public schools reduced the extra curriula activities-Cooperation with other Catholic schools for extra curriula activity sharing.

The government is also concerned about the Catholic Schools, The Tidings Southern California’s Catholic Weekly February 20,2009 states that if these schools close, the students would go to schools in the area that are already at near capacity.


Black-American History Month: Feburary

Happy Black History month from the United States of America. To see Black Saints Search this Blog:

  • Black Catholic History Month


St. Michael Extending His Hand: Aberration/Apparition

Around 9:30-9:45pm on 2/13/2009 I had a vision of St. Michael very, very distant extending his had to someone and the Saint that rides a horse that was once Pagan.

Also St. Mary, “You have seen hell my child.”


Stephen Scott, Boxer: Aberration/Apparition

At 11:06am 2/18/2009 I had a vision of large Angel Beings (2) holding Stephen up he was laying on his back and their hands under him.

  • When I use to go to slumber parties as a child we called it “…light as a feather…” or somethinglike that and used  2 fingers under the person.


Jackie C Orator & Seer: Aberration/Apparition

At 10:00am on 2/17/2009 I had a vision of Jack C (Langston University Black-American History Maker) becoming a Orator and seer. Orator is from the Church and Seer is from the Holy Bible.


What Pope Names Mean: Pope Benedict XVI 2009 A.D.

Popes are named or pick a name that describes the purpose during their time in office.

The name Benedict traditionally or historicallly is known for loosing prayers with church indulgences based on:

  • Number of times the prayer is recited or
  • Number of days the prayer is recited or
  • How the prayer is recited (example: “exact words”) or
  • Where the prayer is recited (examples: church, cemetery)

One form of Magic is the calling of celestrial beings. Angels are celestrial beings. May the Almighty God Bless the Popes Angel Beings with Supernatural Blessings in the name of the Lord and by the Power of the Holy Ghost.


Octupets 2009: Pope Benedict XVI Angel Prayers

Around 9:50am on 2/17/2009 Pope Benedict XVI Angels praying for the Octuplets.


Octuplets 2009: Angels and Archangels

At 8:02am on 2/17/2009 movement felt in the universe, Angels experienced, precieved as St. Michael at the hospital with the octuplets.