Holy Biblical Teachings in Secular Terms

Holy Biblical teachings in secular terms are call worldly concepts.

An example is

  • “the body of Christ”, “Christ came in the flesh”.
  • Other religions in literal terms may be “the body of the Devil”, Holy Biblically “possessed by the Devil”.
  • “The body of Angels”, “Angel possessed”, some people do whorship Angels and Demons.
  • “The body of Demons”, “Demon possessed”.


St. Michael Extending His Hand: Aberration/Apparition

Around 9:30-9:45pm on 2/13/2009 I had a vision of St. Michael very, very distant extending his had to someone and the Saint that rides a horse that was once Pagan.

Also St. Mary, “You have seen hell my child.”


When Praying For America

On February 11, 2008 A.D. or C.E. I attended Mass. Before Mass I read a prayer “Prayer to Our Lady Of America Patroness Of Our Land.” During Mass I was looking at a Crucifix with Corpus and had a vision of the “Hand of Jesus Christ” on the Cross. It was very difficult to see. The flesh was ripped.

Thank You The Almighty God, Our Father in Heaven for coming to Earth and dying for us.


PS In reading the numerical signature of my experience, the date is 2-11-2008. This is post scripe because when I viewed the site after posting, I thought of the date and how it reminds me of 9-11, to Americans, 911 is the emergency number we call for assistance. I wonder what 211 means for American?

As a Psychic I say it means: