Movement of the Ark of the Covenant: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

The Ark of the Covenant of The Lord God of Israel: Angels Do Speak!®

At 7:58 a.m. on 6/4/2012 I had a vision of the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord God of Israel and an Angel stated,”I could see the Ark move.” The Angel is talking about “some shaking movement” of the Ark itself. Tres Mali

I interpert this as “God” is disturbed by the behavior of Earth.

St. Mary & Rainbow Arch Nuclear Ring: Vision: Angels Do Speak!®

At 8:06 on 4/22/2012 it looks like St. Mary at the top of a Nuclear Ring hovering were an Angel Being was hovering. Tres Mali

Tres Mali a Breast Cancer Survivor: A Black-American Experience!® on Angels Do Speak!®

Some live in the Past!
Some live in the hopes of a Future!
Living in the Present is a Gift!
Tres Mali 12/11/2008 A Black-American Experience!® & Angels Do Speak!®
 At 9:30 pm.m on 5/16/2012 I had a vision of what looks like women concerned about Breast Cancer. In the Late 1980s, I personally had a lump removed from my left Breast. I wear a Fuchsia Bow Ribbon on my purse. It Reminds me that I have overcome a terrifying experience. A Pink Ribbon is Breast Cancer Awareness. A Fuchsia Bow Ribbon is my Breast Cancer Survival. With early detection and immediate responseyou can have a better opportunity to survive Breast Cancer. Tres Mali

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon on Angels Do Speak!®