Pope Benedict XVI and YouTube The Twelve

A parahrase of Pope Benedict XVI’s comment in the Los Angeles Times on 1/24/2009 about the newly launched Vatican Channel on YouTube and the 12 videos:

  • The obsession of virtual connectedness can cause isolation and disrupt patterns of rest, silence, and reflection. Those things necessary for healthy human development.


Sweet Majesty

Honor & Majesty

Power & Majesty

Domination & Majesty

A Throne & Majesty

Virtuous & Majestic

Seraphic & Majestic

Excellent & Majestic

Majesty, majestic, powerful, honorable, dominant, righteous, subdued, animated, and a perfectionist.

Leadership, responsibility, delegation, accountability.


A Magdalene

At 8:57am on 1/21/2009 while at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels I saw a modern day Saint become an Angel Being. Some religions teach that  that means eventually they may not help Earth. I petitioned God, Christ, and the Saints of the Catholic Church to change time and space for them to continue to help Earth as long as possible, sainthood is a human decision.

The vision I had of this comes from the book “Art For The Cathedral The Cathedral for Our Lady of Angels” Los Angeles, California by John Nava: Tapestries From Proposal To Installation. The cover of the book had a picture named, “Study for a Magdalene 1999” and is an oil canvas, the photo is by Maimon Nastir.

A different painting he has is literally St. Mary Magdalene.

  • To me it represents the unknown saints, of other religions that represent the same concept.
  • St. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute that was exercised and allowed to learn.


Can Priest Get Fired Before They Cost $13 Million?????

Questions for the Catholic Community:

  • Can a Priest Get Fired?
  • How often does a Priest get evaluated for disorders?
  • How does someone report a Priest without getting prayed against?

Some people are afraid of Priest and Religious because prayer is powerful, even negative prayer!

When I was in High School, people use to tell me, “I am going to pray for you”,  it looked to me like they were joking. Because I am Psychic I can discern, I told them, “Only good prayers from the real God.”

Even High School student know about bad prayers.

It is unbelievable what people will do when they think on one will know.

People might see priest doing wrong why they don’t want to be Priest.

“God judges every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil”.


Black History Month: Is It Still On Our Calendars?????

I received a calender from a local Parish and noticed that Black History Month was not marked.

I think it is because the Printer is not in the United States of America.

To the Roman Catholic Church: The month of February is Nationally Recognized in the United States of America as “Black History Month”. Please have foreign printers acknowledge it.

Thank You,

Tres, Angels Do Speak!, and all of the Black-Americans that died for the United States of America Freedoms.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Cathedral Mass and Aberration/Apparition

For an article about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. an Aberration and the Cathedral Mass hosted by the Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver go to:  A Black-American Experience


Father Ramon Valera: Regional Filipino Catholic Renewal Community

According to this Regional meeting on 1/19/2009:

  • The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has 1 or 2 Churches without a Priest.
  • The Catholic Churches are moving to a Director Organization.
  • The Priest are at the Churches for Mass/Church Service.
  • At the Hospitals, you must request a Priest.
  • To see a Priest you must call the office or go to the office and make an appointment.

This group reflects the diversity of the Catholic Church.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Event

The 15th Annual Archdiocesan Martin Luther King, Jr. prayer breakfast will be held at Verbum Dei High School, 11100 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles on:

  • Monday, January 19 at 8am

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Robert A. Hurteau, Kirector LMU’s Center for Religion and Spirituality. The There for the event will be:

  • “Remember! Celebrate! Act! A Day On, Not A Day Off.”

Cost for the breakfast will be $20 donation. Tickets available from Al Wilson at (310) 559-7159 or Barbara LaCroix

A Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Merorial Mass will be celebrated at Our Landy of the Angels Cathedral on:

  • Monday, January 19 at 3:30pm

The Mass is sponsored by the:

  • Ladies and Knights of Peter Claver

All are invited to attend!!!!!


Albert Wilson, President of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church Holy Name Society

The Holy Name Society is to honor the Holy Name of Jesus. It started as a mens organization and Nationally the racial make up is about two or three percent, according to Albert Wilson, the President of the local chapter.

The local chapter is majority Black-Americans, this reflects not only the diversity of the Catholic Church, but also the diversity of the West Los Angeles area.

The organization holds breakfast meetings that litany. To learn more about this orgazniation at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church 1241 Corning St. West Los Angeles, CA 90035, contact Al Wilson at (310) 559-7159

All-powerful Father, today we rededicate ourselves to your service, and to the works of justice and freedom for all. As you have called us from many peoples to be one nation, help us to give witness in our lives and in our life as a nation to the rich diversity of your gifts. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God, for ever and ever.


If Israel is a Country, It Is Borders and Not Boundaries

There may be some “Hope” for “World Peace”. The United Nations Security Council approved a resolution for “immediate durable and fully respected cease-fire” and withdrawal of Israeli forces.

The Fatima Center prays for Peace: http://www.fatima.org

For a full article on the subject from a Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist Second Place Awarded Writer, go to: If Israel is a Country it is Borders Not Boundaries