A Magdalene

At 8:57am on 1/21/2009 while at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels I saw a modern day Saint become an Angel Being. Some religions teach that  that means eventually they may not help Earth. I petitioned God, Christ, and the Saints of the Catholic Church to change time and space for them to continue to help Earth as long as possible, sainthood is a human decision.

The vision I had of this comes from the book “Art For The Cathedral The Cathedral for Our Lady of Angels” Los Angeles, California by John Nava: Tapestries From Proposal To Installation. The cover of the book had a picture named, “Study for a Magdalene 1999” and is an oil canvas, the photo is by Maimon Nastir.

A different painting he has is literally St. Mary Magdalene.

  • To me it represents the unknown saints, of other religions that represent the same concept.
  • St. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute that was exercised and allowed to learn.


Can Priest Get Fired Before They Cost $13 Million?????

Questions for the Catholic Community:

  • Can a Priest Get Fired?
  • How often does a Priest get evaluated for disorders?
  • How does someone report a Priest without getting prayed against?

Some people are afraid of Priest and Religious because prayer is powerful, even negative prayer!

When I was in High School, people use to tell me, “I am going to pray for you”,  it looked to me like they were joking. Because I am Psychic I can discern, I told them, “Only good prayers from the real God.”

Even High School student know about bad prayers.

It is unbelievable what people will do when they think on one will know.

People might see priest doing wrong why they don’t want to be Priest.

“God judges every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil”.


The Holy Classes and Choirs of Angels of God

Angels of God include in descending order:

  • Seraphim– The highest choir or class of angels,
  • Cherubim– Angels of wisdom, guardians, and protectors,
  • Thrones– Angel of righteous judgement,
  • Dominions– Movers of stars and planets,
  • Powers– Restrains assaults of evil spirits,
  • Virtues– Dispenses celestial miracles and stupendous works,
  • Principalities– They direct God’s commands,
  • Archangels– Chief angels, and
  • Angels– Associated with symbols.

Asending Order: Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Virtues, Powers,Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim.

The three most known Archangels are:

  • St. Michael– One who is like God,
  • St Gabriel– God is my strength, and
  • St. Raphael– God is my health.

The other Archangels are:

  • Uriel– God is my light,
  • Jophiel– The beauty of God,
  • Chamel– Angel of God’s wrath,
  • Zadkiel– The righteousness of God, and
  • Jophkiel-The purity of God.

And God gives all of us a “Guardian Angel”. We also have angels assigned to us at birth. These angels are sent to guide, guard, protect, and send us messages from God everyday.

When born with “gifts from God” sometimes what is normal to you may not be normal to others. To me it is normal to know that Angels are dong things to help people, and that spirits, ghosts, and life forms other than those that we know on earth are also working in the universe. My sister Olympia once said, “God is not the only thing working in the universe.” St. Paul writes about how we intercede ourselves. We also use prayer to intercede.


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