A Magdalene

At 8:57am on 1/21/2009 while at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels I saw a modern day Saint become an Angel Being. Some religions teach that  that means eventually they may not help Earth. I petitioned God, Christ, and the Saints of the Catholic Church to change time and space for them to continue to help Earth as long as possible, sainthood is a human decision.

The vision I had of this comes from the book “Art For The Cathedral The Cathedral for Our Lady of Angels” Los Angeles, California by John Nava: Tapestries From Proposal To Installation. The cover of the book had a picture named, “Study for a Magdalene 1999” and is an oil canvas, the photo is by Maimon Nastir.

A different painting he has is literally St. Mary Magdalene.

  • To me it represents the unknown saints, of other religions that represent the same concept.
  • St. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute that was exercised and allowed to learn.



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