Stephen Thomas Scott & Angel Beings: Aberration/Apparition

j0415150 On 12/12/2009 at 7:58pm an Angel Being stated, “Stephen”, and I had a vision of St. Anthony. I mailed him two St. Anthony prayer cards. St. Anthony is the Saint of Miracles and his Seraphic Father.

Tres Mali

Ecce Homo: Aberration/Apparition

rectangle At 7:55am on 12/21/2009, while praying the “Litany of the Sacred Head of Jesus”, I had a vision of “Ecce Homo”.

Tres Mali

St. Theresa, Carmelite and Racial Issues: Aberration/Apparition

bs01051_ I met someone from St. Louis, he is looking for a “JOB”, he traveled to Northern California. I spoke with him on the phone about “Racial” issues in California. As a result, I have had several visions of St. Theresa, she is a Carmelite. One of St. Theresa’s prayers is for people to know the “LOVE OF GOD”.

Tres Mali

Merry Christmas To Marilyn Monroe: Aberration/Apparition

j0433704 marilyn-monroe At 9:33am on 12/25/2009, Christmas Day, I had a vision of Marilyn Monroe, while in the Beverly Hills, California area.

Tres Mali

The Blue & White Striped Habit, Mother Teresa’s: Aberration/Apparition

j0432365 At 7:18am on 12/25/2009, Christmas Day 2009,  I had a vision of Mother Theresa’s Blue & White Striped Habit. On 12/24/2009, Christmas Eve 2009, I attended a Mass in the Parish Hall at St. Mary Magdalene Parish, West Los Angeles, California with a group of people that is majority Indian from India. Mother Theresa is Indian from India.

Tres Mali

Book Review: Experiencing Jesus with Mother Teresa

j0435233 The WORD Among Us, The Spirit of Catholic Living, has a book about the story of Blessed Mother Teresa by Jean Maalouf, covering the main themes of her unique spirituality.

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Book Review: Praying with Therese of Lisieux


The WORD Among Us, The Spirit of Catholic Living has a series of books Pray with the Saints. Therese of Lisieux has a book available, Praying with Therese of Lisieux Item#BSMUE8. To order go to

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Book Review: The Word Among Us Sunday Missal 2010


The Word Among Us, The Spirit of Catholic Living has a New The Word Among Us Sunday Missal 2010.

Sunday is the Lord’s Day-the day of Jesus’ resurrection with the holy sacrifice of the Mass. This missal can be your companion as you prepare for Mass, while you celebrate the Eucharist, and after Mass as you meditate on the meaning of the readings from the Liturgy of the Word for your life (The WORD Among Us, Advent 2009).

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George Michael Famous Sportscaster: Aberration/Apparition

2007-03-01-george-michael While writing about George Michael’s death on 12/24/2009 at 2:14pm I had a vision of him turning his wrist with a white wristband on that is a symbol of being an athlete.

At 2:16pm I had a vision of George Michael the Sportscaster in the position of the Michael Jordan Nike Shoe Symbol.

At 2:18pm I had a vision of George Michael smiling and an Angel Being stating that he is getting out of suffering. Cancer is very painful.

2:22pm I had a vision of George Michael’s full face and at 2:26pm.aj9_retro_grey_10

News Alert
10:16 AM EST Thursday, December 24, 2009

Famed sportscaster George Michael dies

George Michael, dean of Washington sportscasters, has died after a long battle with cancer, according to a reporter at WRC-TV (Channel 4), his former employer. Michael covered sports at WRC-TV (Channel 4) for 28 years until resigning in 2008 in response to budget cuts.

For more information, visit

Tres Mali

A Dove: Aberration/Apparition

j0436073 On 12/13/2009 and 12/14/2009 during Father George’s 6:30am Mass at Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills, California a Dove came out over the Alter on the left of the Priest, for the School System. In relationship to a Cherub.

Tres Mali