She Not Only Walks, She Plays Professional Basketball!

olympia-scott-wnba-ladies1 Olympia Renee Scott was born in Lynwood, California to Black MBA’s, she was so pigeon toed that when it was time to walk, she was examined by doctors for braces for her legs. The doctor recommended she wear her shoes on the wrong feet to straighten out her feet.

Olympia’s feet straightened out, you can still tell she is pigeon toed. She has been a Cheerleader, on Drill Team, High School Championship Teams as a Starter, Starter for Stanford Universities Final Fours, Broken Olympic Festival Records and is a:

Two Time WNBA National Champion

This person had trouble learning to walk. God makes miracles, with the mighty deeds of doctors and Olympia’s perseverance and self motivation she over came a great obstacle.

She inspires me to continue each day, I thank the Almighty God for her, her accomplishments, and her sharing her gifts with me and the world.

In 2008 A.D. or C.E. she is playing Professional Basketball for the WNBA and is playolympiahoops-thumb-600x378-8283ing Professional Basketball in Greece.

There is a Saint named Olympias that lived from 361-408 A.D. or C.E., from what is now called Istanbul, Turkey. The Saint Olympias built a hospital, an orphanage, and sheltered monks.

Olympia Renee Scott, originally from Lynwood, California has some "Big Shoes To Fill."

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The Political Ruling Structures of the World

picture031 This article is endorsed by TMSC  Consulting SVCS, LLC Management & Leadership Division by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)

Countries have warred, brought peace, reorganized, and been split. What type of leadership do these countries have? There are several “political ruling structures of the world”, they include:

  • Dictatorships,
  • Republics,
  • Socialists,
  • Communists,
  • Multi-party (democracy style),
  • Nationalists,
  • Monarchies, and
  • Democracies.

Capitalism and Marxism are like the engines that move the political trains. How the economic systems look.

Capitalism (Small Upper and Lower Class, Large Tax Paying Middle Class)


Rich/Wealthy/Upper Class


Middle Class


Poor /Lower Class      

Marxist (Moves from Capitalist to Socialist to Communist)


Rich Minority_________


Poor Majority



The Ruler has absolute power, and they are not restricted by a constitution, laws or opposition.


Are a form of democracy: political systems where the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them. This includes all or a portion of the population. This political rule is not related to or referring to The Republican Party of the United States of America.


Is a political theory advocating state ownership of industry. It includes a cast system, meaning individuals are born into a social class that is based on legacy and bloodline. The cast does not change and is reinforced through religion, educational opportunity, and marriage. Democratic Socialism is the public or common ownership and cooperative management of production and allocation.


Is a form of Socialism that abolishes private ownership. A Sociopolitical movement a stateless and classless society structured on common ownership, for example: Government Ownership.

Multi-Party Systems

Political systems that have multiple parties and may include communism, which excludes true democracy. An example is India, which has two political parties that are considered communist and large parts of India are considered Marxist.


Is a political emphasizes on promotion of a country.


Is a inherited government autocratic authority. All the political power is absolutely or nominally lodged with an individual.


A Government by the people or elected officials. Political governing derived from the people. Stanford’s Universities Model of the four keys for Democracy:

  1. Free and Fair elections,
  2. Active participation of the citizens,
  3. Protecting of Human Rights, and
  4. The Rule of Law.

Father Sean Carol and The Saints Up-Dates: Aberration/Apparition

At 1:20 p.m. on 9/19/2010 after speaking with Father Sean Carol about the importance of up-dating the other side, specifically the Saints about their credit for intercession, I had a vision about the Saints discussed:

  • The Blessed Katriana,
  • The Blessed Pope John Paul II, and
  • Veronica of the Cross.

Tres Mali

Prayer For Lasting Peace in the Middle East From The Blessed Pope John Paul II in 2005

Pope%20John%20Paul%20II%20In%20Prayer In 2005 the Blessed Pope John Paul II’s  Monthly Intentions 2005 from the Apostleship of Prayer for January states:

Lasting peace in the Middle East. That all those working in the Middle East may intensify their efforts for peace. (G)

Missionary apostles. That in mission lands, holy and generous apostles may be raised up, eager to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to everyone. (M)

(G) General Intentions (M) Mission Intentions

It is 2010 five years of prayer for “Lasting Peace in the Middle East”, May the Almighty God give his grace for this intention to become reality. In the name and by the power of Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior, and Redeemer. Amen

Tres Mali

Best Blogs 2010 by Blogged in Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott for The Writings of African-American

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