Angel Visits’

  • PH03466I At  St. Jerome’s Church’s 7:30am mass, St. Rafeal stated, “I am one of the Seven.”
  • During the Church announcements an Angel with wings extended was in the center isle.

I thank God I can enjoy the visits from Angels.



P.S. My Brother, Stephen Thomas Scott use to be an Alter Boy there, now they have Alter Girls too and call them Alter Persons.

My Mother, Dr. Jacqueline D. Parker-Scott use to teach CCD there, and had been a member for more than 15 years.

My Sister, Olympia Ranee Scott, a Professional Basketball Player with two (2) National championships for the WNBA, and an Overseas Player has also been a member for more than 15 years.

I lived in Oklahoma for more than 15 years, as a member of St. John’s in Inglewood, California and Joined St. Jerome’s Church after I relocated back to California. I have been a member for about 3 years.

My Father, Stehpan Tucker Scott is a Protestant Minister.

Princess Diana

j0432984At the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels yesterday, I had a vision of Princess Diana at the Water Gate Fountain, near the entrance  after I dipped my fingers in the water and made the sign of the cross both directions.

I read the fountain, it reads: “I shall give you living water”.


Tres Mali Scott: Nominated for the 2008 Poet of the Year Award by the International Society of Poets

The International Society of Poets convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada July 24-27, 2008 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.

Congratulations Tres Mali Scott and good luck on winning the 2008 Poet of the Year Award by the International Society of Poets!

The Magnificent Promise, for the Five First Saturdays By Father Nicholas Gruner and The Fatima Center


Contact The Fatima Center by email: leaflet number-LF058

I like the name “The Magnificent Promise, I have a poem I wrote called “The Magnificent Emotion” it is Editor’s Choice Awarded from and published in a book and on CD.


The Immaculate or Sacred Heart

While reading the Fatima Crusader Issue 49 Summer 1995 page 7, I don’t know if it was the Immaculate or Sacred Heart, I witnessed it hovering in front of my heart.

I was at the Inglewood Library in Inglewood, California sitting on the first floor by the entrance. I usually go to the second floor. My ears were hurting so I sat down on the first floor. I used pressure points on my ears to reduce pain. (2:09pm)


A Psychic of the Super Stars

j0427753 As a psychic of the super stars, you find out that some people have  problems that you are not able to help them with.

I have received emails & phone calls that tell me the years I spent in school learning theories is not in vain, I may not be the person that can help them.

May the Almighty God Bless them with the help and support they need


May the Almighty God Bless me with the support and protection to stay away from their problems and evils.

There are many religions and individuals practice many types of “Hokie Bokies” (my words that include all the practices).

I only accept prayers from the true God of the Living and the Dead, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

Many of the Tabloid papers talk about these religions. God Bless all of you!




About 60 days ago, I saw a women on a Los Angeles, California bus. It looked like she had a Jewish concentration camp tattoo on her arm.

It reminded me of what I learned in Oklahoma.

I met people that went to all Black High Schools, segregation. That High School is now the Alternative High School.

I also know a family were the Great Grand Mother just died about 8 years ago and actually picked cotton.

Her Great Grand Daughter use to make jokes about how when she was in labor, her Great Grand Mother said she did not want to hear it, she had to stop picking cotton, have the baby in the field and go back to picking cotton.

The picture shows a reflection of the rainbow in the sky. The atmosphere today is a reflection of United States of America’s history (or herstory).

I am God Blessed to have my own personal experiences that reinforce appreciation for the Benefits I Receive From My Past.

To view the book The Benefits I Receive From My Past go to:The Book The Benefits I Received From My Past