The California Catholic Conference: Proposition 8 Support-Protect Marriage Constitutional Amendment

The California Catholic Conference is endorsing Proposition 8, the Protect Marriage Amendment which would restore the definition of marriage in the California Constitution. Protect Heterosexual Marriages by voting!



St. Jerome Church Bulletin August 24, 2008 [Twenty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time]

Fr. Brian Castenada: Happy Birthday From St. Mary Magdalen’s Church Los Angeles, California

On Sunday August 10, 2008 St. Mary Magdalen’s Church 1241 Corning Street Los Angeles, California 90035 had a Birthday Party for Fr. Brian Castenada, Pastor.

Happy Birthday Fr. Brian Castenada, Pastor of St. Mary Magdalen’s Church Los Angeles, California

St. Michael’s Left Hand

St. Michael pulling people up by the “Right Hand” [10:41am 8/24/2008].

  • The “Right Hand” symbolizes, “I will always be with you”. [An Angel spoke these words 7:03 am 8/25/2008]
  • Jesus Christ calls St. Michael the “Greatest Warrior in Heaven”


“The Kennedy Concept”

  • It is rumored that the Italian and Sicilian Mophias helped Kennedy get elected.
  • The Italian and Sicilian Mopias are mostly Catholic.
  • The J.F. Kennedy family is Catholic.
  • “The Kennedy Concept” is: After making office the Kennedy Presidency worked to stop organized crime. Some called that:”Biting the Hand that feeds you.”
  • The Assassination of J.F. Kennedy is called by some: “Cutting off the Head.”
  • Organized crime is not only an United States of America problem.


“The Princess Diana”

Once there was a special on Television about how the media admitted they pressered Princess Diana of Whales into telling things they should not have known. Now when I hear or see someone pressering someone, I call it “The Princess Diana”.

I even told my Army National Guard Recruiter about “The Princess Diana”.

I use to think a lot about what happened to her. It could have been anyone. She became royalty and entered someone’s family. Family members, do you remind each other about how important it is for family business to remain with family.

All family issues are considered legally must reports. The Media looks for stories people want to hear. They don’t always have good intentions or the interviewees best intentions in mind.


Princess Diana of Whales

Today at 3:05pm Pacific Standard time, while praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I had a vision of Princess Diana. I looked on the internet and saw that the correct name is Princess Diana of Whales.


Again at 3:11pm pacific Standard time I had a vision of Princess Diana of Whales.

“A Code”

A Code:

  • Poetry
  • Mythology
  • Legend
  • Story-ing
  • Art
  • Drawings
  • Pictures
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures

Not only Da vinci had a code!

  • A good code gives information to the people of God.
  • A bad code has to be broken to solve a problem.
  • The old code we all understand.
  • The Honor Code” not all will understand.


Divine Mercy


On 8/2/2008 and 8/3/2008 I witnessed St. Mary’s Divine Mercy with her arms extended at St. Jerome’s Church.

I also experienced

Veronica of the Cross, she was crying, I believe that she was tortured.

May the Almighty God Bless, Keep, Guard, Protect, Shield, Heal, Console, Comfort, Guide, and Teach Us Through the Holy Ghost in the Name of the Lord and by the Power of Jesus Christ. Amenj0438330