Holy Biblical Teachings in Secular Terms

Holy Biblical teachings in secular terms are call worldly concepts.

An example is

  • “the body of Christ”, “Christ came in the flesh”.
  • Other religions in literal terms may be “the body of the Devil”, Holy Biblically “possessed by the Devil”.
  • “The body of Angels”, “Angel possessed”, some people do whorship Angels and Demons.
  • “The body of Demons”, “Demon possessed”.


Devils: Beings Human and Non-Human

A Devil is a supernatural being that slanders and accuses. The name “devil” come from the Greek word diabolos, meaning “slanderer” or “accuser”. The Devil and Demons are looked at as associated with one another because a “Demon” is a spirit and a “Devil” is a Being, both use injury and harm=EVIL.

The Catholic Church describes several names for the “Devil”:

  • Baphomet-Devil Being with a Spirit (Demon), associated with the Knights Templar
  • Old Scratch, The Stranger, Old Nick-the “Devil” referring to ones “Character”
  • Old Hob
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Prince of the Air
  • Satan
  • The Adversary, Accuser, Prosecutor
  • The Ancient Serpent
  • The Cruel Serpent
  • The Old/Crooked/Coiling Serpent
  • The Antichrist
  • 666 or 616

Judeo-Christian beliefs for descriptions of names for the “Devil” are:

  • Abbadon-“destruction”
  • Satan
  • Asmodai
  • Beelzebub-ba’al Lord of the Flies (Flies symbolized as “evil”)
  • Lucifer
  • Belial, beliar, Bheliar – without “Master”
  • Iblis
  • Trickster
  • Tempter

Judaism describes the “Devil” as:

  • ha-satan
  • yetster harah

Christianity describes the “Devil” as”

  • Satan
  • Lucifer
  • Morning Star
  • angel who rebelled against God

Islam describes the “Devil” as:

  • Iblis
  • Shaitan
  • jinn

Zoroastrianism describes the “Devil” as:

  • decay
  • chaos
  • Angra Mainyu
  • “twon” offspring of Zurvan, ‘Time’

Buddhism describes the Devil as:

  • Mara-he is a tempter


Klein, Peter (2000). The Catholic Source Book. Brown-ROA. Orlando, Florida.





Demons: Evil Spirits-Human and Non-Human

There is a Catholic Prayer Book Copyrighted 1925, that uses the word Demon where the newer Copyrighted Catholic Prayer Books say evil spirit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demon-90k http://demons.monstrous.com/-45k

A Demon is literally defined as:

The type of Church you attend is important. Not all churches, Temples, and Synogoges are “Holy” or not all of the are on “Holy Grounds”.

There is a difference in angel Being Presence, Power of Prayer, and Mystical Energy use depending on where you are. For Example:

  1. A Church
  2. A Cathedral
  3. A Shrine

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