What Causes Rise in Cult Like Activity?: A Paranormal Psychology (PNP) View

From: TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division

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Cult like activity falls under Paranormal Psychology (PNP) because cult like activity for recruitment and maintenance programs and brainwashes to all needs: physical, psychological, social, emotional, & uses social pressure (youth-peer pressure).

There are many books and articles written about cult like behaviors. Most found that it is not limited to age. A question that is limited in answer is: What causes a rise in cult like activity?

History shows the disruption of established religious traditions caused by entering a civilization causes rise in cult like activity. The United States of America has immigration policies that allows constant entering of new people into a civilization.  As a result when immigration is usually high, more cult like behaviors occur.

Most of the world is still operating as religions of Before Christ (B.C.). In the history of early Christianity, Constantine the Great instituted religious freedom. One important reason was not to have to except individuals and groups into their communities.

Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, called by the Roman Catholic Church, Saint Paul, talks about the forming and welcoming of individuals and groups into Christian communities. One important factor of cult like behavior is the bond of what they think of as their community.

From a world or international socialization view, some United States of America professions, professional licenses, and specialty fields also may look cult like. This may be due to laws, ethics, and safety issues.

A modern day example is, White flight. During the United States of America’s suburbanization, the formation of communities that looked like cult like behaviors. White Americans moving to live in all-White neighborhoods in the suburbs surrounding the inner cities.

In conclusion, the rise in immigration, professions, fields, or vocations and laws can cause a rise in cult like behaviors.


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