God Bless The Pope, Now Bless Me Pope Francis: Angels Do Speak!®

Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)

Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)

The Time Magazine, March 25, 2013 calls our new Pope “The New World Pope”. Remember in history that America is the “New World”. We now have a Pope from here, “The Americas”. The New World, The Americas has contributed to moral development. We have morals and values that are documented by the true church. There are only two Popes that are not Italian and Francis is of Italian descent.  And as Time Magazine puts it, this “Great Power” (Rome, a  state in the world) has influence.

TMSC International World Management & Leadership : The World Powers of Planet Earth answers–What is “Power”? and according to International Relations, A Power is defined by:

  1. Power is a goal,
  2. The Power to influence and control can be and is measured,
  3. The Power has had victory in conflict,
  4. The Power has attainment of security, and
  5. The Power to control resources and capabilities.

The Church in Rome is a “Supreme Spiritual Power”, the the State (country) in Italy is a “Great Power” of the world, helping to shape those that are in the

Angels Do Speak!®

Angels Do Speak!®

world and even of the world.

Look at the world as an organization. The organizational leadership of the world includes “degrees of world power”. The Degrees of Powers of the world are super, great, regional, and middle. These powers are defined as:

  1. A Super Power has the abilities of a Great Power plus a great power of mobility of the power.
  2. A Great Power has strong political, cultural, and economic influence across the world (1st tier).
  3. A Regional Power exercises influence & power within region (1st tier).
  4. A Middle Power is a 2nd tier influential state that could not be defined  as a great power (http://tmscconsultingsvcsllc.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/international-world-management-leadership-the-world-powers-of-planet-earth/).

The Time Magazine talks about a “spiritual sickness“. This “spiritual sickness” is not about priests, but proper vocational placement. Some priest are not Catholic, but Anglican, allowed one marriage.

The Church must have courage to convert priest to the proper vocation. Marriage is not only a Sacrament, but also a vocation, as the Blessed Pope John Paul II has prayed for “proper vocational placement”.

God Bless the New Pope Francis, as I hope he also Blesses Us all.

Tres Mali

What If Angel Beings Could Come To Earth?

What if Angels Beings could come to Earth? How would that change things? True Angel Beings have no gender. As Human Beings, when we are referred to as Angels, it means messengers of God (Book of Revelations-Holy Bible). Would people break Olympic records? Would people create new inventions?

Human Beings also do these things!!!!!

Would it be religious ethics to address who is qualified to participate in Earthly Endeavors?

As Human Beings we overcome “Great” obstacles to “Achieve”. Would an Angel Being have to overcome “Great” obstacles”?

Be Careful, you may be entertaining Angels and are not aware!!!!!