Is The New Repackaged USSR In Violation of “Resposiblity to Protect” (RtoP)?: Angels Do Speak!®

Is The New Repackaged USSR In Violation of "Resposiblity to Protect" (RtoP)?: Angels Do Speak!®

Flag of the New Soviet Union by Redrich 1917

As a result of the past breakup of the USSR, a great question is presented to the “New Repackaged USSR”:

Who is in control of the biological/germ warfare materials and nuclear weapons developed during the old reign?

As a Superpower, this country, under whatever named, prided itself in developing the most dangerous weapons and bio/germ warfare in the world. What happened to them?  Why has the USSR violated Human Rights Laws:

  • It does not appear as though the current USSR is in full control of developed bio/germ warfare agents or Nuclear Arsenals.
  • If the USSR is not in control of  the Bio/Germ Warfare and Nuclear Arsenals developed, this is a violation of Responsibility to Protect (RtoP). The Bio/Germ Warfare and Nuclear Arsenals can be used for:
    • Genocide,
      War Crimes,
      Crimes against Humanity, and
      Ethnic Cleasing.
    • A state (country) has the responsiblity to protect its population, if unable the International community has responsibility to assist the state by building its capacity.
  • Under The General Assembly of the World Medical Association’s “International Medical Ethics”: DUTIES OF PHYSICIANS IN GENERAL
    A PHYSICIAN SHALL not allow his/her judgment to be influenced by personal profit or unfair discrimination.
    A PHYSICIAN SHALL be dedicated to providing competent medical service in full professional and moral independence, with compassion and respect for human dignity.


    Is The New Repackaged USSR In Violation of "Resposiblity to Protect" (RtoP)?: Angels Do Speak!®

    International Medical Ethics

    PHYSICIAN SHALL behave towards colleagues as he/she would have them behave towards him/her.
    A PHYSICIAN SHALL NOT undermine the patient-physician relationship of colleagues in order to attract patients.
    A PHYSICIAN SHALL when medically necessary, communicate with colleagues who are involved in the care of the same patient. This communication should respect patient confidentiality and be confined to necessary information
  • (

 The International community must remember that many of the labratories were secrect and the Nuclear Arsenals hidden.

  • What chemicals or bio/germ agents were developed?
  • Where are they now?
  • How are the bio/germ agents being stored?
  • Who is monitoring the Nuclear Arsentals?

 How to solve the Problem! Identify:

  1. What are the States, Regions, or Province of the “old USSR”?
  2. What States, Regions, or Provinces reunited into the “new USSR”?
  3. What are the names of the States, Regions, or Provinces of the “old USSR” that did not reunite?
  4. What are the names of every Bio/Germ lab and Nuclear Arsenal of the “old USSR”?
  5. What States, Regions, or Provinces are the Bio/Germ labs and Nuclear Arsenals located in?
  6. Who controls these States, Regions, or Provinces?

In a recent letter to the Pope, the issue of Human Rights in the USSR and other parts of Russia is being addressed:

 …the Vatican, and the Catholic Church must understand modern Human Rights LawsThe Los Angeles Times on Sunday, June 23, 2013 reports that Moscow, like other countries committing Human Rights Violations, has put out Human Rights Activists and Associates.  This action is one of the first indicators of Human Rights Violations. TMSC International® Management & Leadership,  has an article that shows how to predict these types of actions,  TMSC International® World Management & Leadership: TMSC International® Emergency & Crisis Forcasting Table. Are we waiting for examples like Rwanda, 15 years of genocide?

Tres Mali Scott: What The Fatima Center Request: In Response To A Letter To The Pope: Angels Do Speak!®

Tres Mali Scott: What The Fatima Center Request: In Response To A Letter To The Pope: Angels Do Speak!®

Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)

Chief Editor & Founder of Angels Do Speak!®