Religion & Psychic Phenomena (Observable Occurrences): Angels Do Speak!®

This topic is endorsed by Paranormal Psychiatry (TMSC Consulting SVCS, LLC Psychic Nosology) by Tres Mali Scott
Religions tells how: individuals and groups how to deal with, respond to, or report psychic phenomena. Phenomena is literally a plural word for “observalble occurrence”. Each religion has values, norms and beliefs that shape how psychic phenomena is interpreted.

Each religion has vocabulary that describes what the phenomena means. Like the different disciplines of the academic world, each discipline has a vocabulary to descripe, closely related fields may overlap. An example is the concept of Angel Beings. Christianity and Judeo-Christianity use the word “Angel”, Buddist call this type of Being “Diva”.

Why is important to know how religions deal with, respond to, or report psychic phenomena. First of all, phenomena is an observable occurrence, meaning that others can also interprete it. Diagnosis of sanity, disability, and qualification for services also use interpretation. Second of all, not every group that states they are a church or religion fit the qualifications, suicidual cults and similar groups are identified by law enforcement to reduce the treat to the general public.

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