Angels Do Speak!®: From Counselor Corner SP®: Holiday Blues or Depression, I Think Parents Should Know!

For many, the Holiday Season is a time of:

•Sharing with friends & family, and
•Time with children.
There are also some that experience mild to moderate depression called:

1.Holiday Blues,
2.Seasonal Depression, or
3.Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). has an outstanding article on “Coping with Holiday Depression“. According to

Statistics around the holidays show increased:

•Suicide attempts and thoughts,
•Substance addiction,
•Overeating, &
•Other unhealthy ways of coping.”
“Coping with Holiday Depress“, on also has seven steps that I THINK PARENTS SHOULD KNOW!

Happy Holidays!
Hope you enjoy the article-Counselor Corner SP®

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Angels Do Speak!®: The Super Foods for a Super Healthy Christmas!

Super foods that are full of important vitamins and minerals, can be given as a gift to others for the holiday season. When canned these foods are considered non-perishable:

*Dired Berries
*Whole Grains (rolled oats, brown rice, popcorn)
*Virgin olive oil
*Green Tea
*Beans & legumes (black beans, garbarzos, nut butter lentils

Tres Mali

Angels Do Speak!®: Ghosts are looking more important than Death

According to Real Simple Life Made Easier Magazine April 2011 page 196 Fig. F:
Under Most Common Fears– People are 2.5 times more fearful of ghosts than death!