God Cares About USA National Security!!!!!

This morning when I was in the West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills Star Bucks drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, I started thinking about the theory I wrote on “Para-terrorism” and “Counterpara-terrorism”.

An Angel from the CIA came to visit me and said it is “Para-Counterterrorism”. I am considered “Executive” management. Even the CIA has it’s own “Watchdogs”. Only in America!!!!!

For the definition of terms go to:  International Library of Paranormal Psychology

For the theory on Para-terrorism go to: TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division

The Fatima Center and St. Michael’s World Aposolate sees the United Nations as a false way of peace and encourages us to “pray for peace”.

Each countries “National Security” is not religion, these terms assist in nations reducing the current wars and increasing the opportunities for peace through a philosophical understanding of individuals behaviors.


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