Pink Flower Power

The Los Angeles Times talked about “Flower Power” on the front page. The Rose Parade has 46 floats this year and is the 120th Rose Parade. The picture of the large pink roses should remind us to “Love one another”.

The theme for this New Years Day Rose Parade is “Hats off to Entertainment.” St. Mary says, “The power of Heaven shall be known through the Roses.” Many prayers I prayed for about 3 years are like St. Mary’s.

“The power of the Family shall be know through the Daisies.” My maternal Grandmother’s name is Daisy. Once my mother lived in a building that had large yellow daisies in front. When I came home to visit during the summer on vacation from work, I commented. They make me think about my Grandmother.

She had a stroke and when I was in the seventh grad she was to sick to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. She moved to nursing care. We visited her everyday. My maternal Grand father was also in the same nursing facility.

I saw a man there with his legs cut off. I thank God for having feet. At 11 years old I found out some people don’t have feet. I use to take Ballet, Tap, Toe, and Jazz. One of the reasons I stopped is because my feet were hurting. It is hard to complain, I use to thank God for my feet and I stopped doing things that I caused to hurt them.

“The power of Marriage shall be known through the Star Gazing Lily.” Millions are married with Star Gazing Lilies, “We have seen his Star in the East and are come to worship him.”

The United States of America takes a lot of things for granted (marriage, other countries treat it very different), I am divorced, I openly support Proposition 8 and Catholics Protect Marriage.

“The power of the Home shall be known through the Tulip.” As an Angel said to me, Tulips are seasonal, “There is a season for everything.”

“The power of the Church shall be known through the Iris.” Our eyes have an Iris, seeing, like the Holy See, God’s all knowing eye, and again the Iris is seasonal, “There is a season for everything.”


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