Fr. Sonny Ramirez, OP: The Spirit of God Community Ministry St. Mary Magdalen Parish

A followup to the 10/17/2008 all day Spirit of God Community Youth and Family Ministry found the Tuesday praise service very entertaining. This is a Filipino Group that reflects the diversity of the Catholic Church.  Fr. Sonny Ramirez, OP is a good speaker and has a outstanding sense of humor. He was also close to Mother Theresa before she died.

Fr. Ramirez discussed the economic recession we are experiencing and the importance of using our ‘charismas given by the Holy Spirit’. A great quote from Fr. Ramirez:

  • “Don’t demand of others, demand of ourselves.”

While Fr. Ramiez was speaking, an Angel interpretation tongues: “Ecoli”- some people are dying from “ecoli”.

Fr. Sonny Ramirez will also be speaking next week:

  • Tuesday, November 18, 2008
  • 7:00pm
  • St. Mary Magdalen Parish Hall
  • 1241 Corning Street, Los Angeles, CA 90035

The Live Band is also enjoyable.


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11 thoughts on “Fr. Sonny Ramirez, OP: The Spirit of God Community Ministry St. Mary Magdalen Parish

  1. Thanks for this information. If you have, please send me the email address of Fr. sonny Ramirez, OP. I want to write him about the Retreat he preached in Metro Manila last Holy Week. Thank you.

    • Jose Bulao Jr.,

      I do not have Fr. Sonny Ramirez’s email, I am considered Catholic Independent/Free Press and was attending an event and reported about it. Thank you for your comment.

      May the Almighty God bless and keep you!

  2. Hi! I am a good friend of Fr. Sonny Ramirez. I like to know where I could get in touch with him. The last time I heard he was admitted at UST hosp. Is that right? I am so worried. If you know anything on his whereabouts… pls let me know. You can also contact me at cel#09166985392. Thank you and God bless.

  3. hello, there

    Hi, my name is Imelda and I have been looking for Father Ramirez, where I can send him an e-amil. I hosted him here in Adelaide South Australia, and I am just wondering where I can get in touch with him as I am goign on holiday next year and I wandted to see him inpeson if he is till healthy and strong. I hosted him here with his fellow riend here in Adelaide south Australia, and I let them stay in a plae here wher Father Ramirez, said to me that is is heaven for him. It as by the beach and in the morning he went for a walk and said to me that I can come and visit him in Manila. But I lost his number, if someone can please talk to him for me and keep him to contack me.

    I will surely appreciate this. very mcuh.

    Look forward to your reply onyour convenient time.

    Sincerely yours,

    Imelda Galmes. Please

    • Imelda Galmes,
      I was unable to get any information about Father Ramirez. He spoke at a meeting I was covering as “Press”. The individuals did not have information to contact him. Thank you for your comment.
      Tres Mali

  4. I am a published author who is writing a book about the need to pray the Rosary. I would like to quote parts of a Homily he gave maybe 12 to 13 years ago in Leonia, New Jersey. I need his permission to be able to put these insights into print.

    Please give me his E-mail address so I can go forward.

    Thank you.


    Henry Clasing

    • Henry Clasing,
      I have not communicated with Fr. Sonny Ramirez, OP in years, you may want to contact St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Los Angeles, California located on Corning Ave. The Spirit of God Community Ministry Conact may be able to put you in touch with Fr. Ramirez.
      Angels Do Speak! (Tres Mali)

  5. on oct.6th 2001 sacred heart church in Rochelle Park N.J. since then I would love to know ,if he would be in N.J.again.

  6. Hi,
    I am looking for Father Sonny Ramirez. My aunt Lita Carpio used to be his hairdresser in Retiro, Quezon City way back in later part of 1970s and is now in Phil. Heart Center because of cancer. She is not aware that I am looking for Fr. Ramirez as I wanted to surprise her. Pls. pls. if you know where I could get in touch with Father Ramirez.
    thanks a lot.
    Lilian Dy

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