Book Review: God’s Final Witness by: Ronald Weinland

I was reading the book God’s Final Witness by Ronald Weinland, and he asked, “so what makes what I have to say in these two books any different from what others have had to say about the end time?” My answer to that is:

  • “The overthrow of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.”
  • Most say the end of the “World”, it does not sound as personal, I am an USA citizen, you are now talking about me. The world is huge.

Most other countries do not have tourism like the USA, the end-time could be everywhere and not here. Could we see if it was? Information is censored world wide. The USA has the freest of information access, and we still have to go to the Supreme Court for Freedom of speech, the press, and information. Most USA citizens live in their own little world.

Once I saw on the News that a bomb went off in Parliament, I got upset, we think of places like Parliament and Congress as “Safe Places”.

On page 88, Weinland (2006) defines standing from the Greek meaning “set”,  after reading that I experienced Angels, spirits, and ghosts helping individuals develop their sets or sects for psychic ability.

Ronald Weinland is a Prophet, considered one of the Highest Degrees of Psychic Paranormal Psychological (PNP) Abilities.

For the Degrees of Paranormal Psychological Ability go to:


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